Webinar: It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint: Surviving The First Year Of Medical School

Nov 16, 2021

Written by MedicGuild

A free webinar with current medical students who are going to share all their secrets to help you ace your first-year of med school without breaking a sweat. 



Calling all incoming medical students!

Congratulations! The team at MedicGuild are so proud and excited to welcome you to our fantastic community of medical students and doctors. But… now what? What does being a first-year medical student actually entail? What textbooks do you actually need to buy? How do you study in medical school? Can you have a life outside of medicine?

If you have been asking these questions and feel the all too common mild sense of panic start to set in, do not worry! MedicGuild has your back. Join us for a free webinar with current medical students and doctors who are going to share all their secrets to help you ace your first year med school without breaking a sweat.

Our amazing panel includes:

  • Noa Kolkovski is a third-year medical student at Unimelb, originally from WA. Noa is 1/3 of the team behind @teabriefpodcast, where med students debrief over their med experiences – from horror stories to memorable moments – and give unsolicited ratings of tea. Noa is also an advocate for medical student & doctor mental health and is a day convenor for Unimelb’s 2022 MD Student Conference, uncovering the issues making medicine “systemically unwell.”
  • Sarah Rav is a final year medical student and full time content creator. She uses her platforms to inspire incoming medical students and discuss important topics like mental health, body positivity and productivity. The story behind her advocacy comes from having suffered from an eating disorder that almost took her life, and she continues to raise awareness and break the stigma surrounding mental health, so that others may find the courage and inspiration to seek help and open the conversation around mental illness.
  • Dr Thomas Kelly is an unaccredited surgical registrar, MG contributor and the CEO & Founder of Oscer where they’re using AI to train the world’s best clinicians. He started Oscer after difficult experiences going from student to intern, and is motivated to accelerate patients to the right diagnosis with the best experience from their doctors.

When: Thursday 25th November, 7.30 pm AEDT
Where: MedicGuild's Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

RSVP: Facebook Event Page

Can't wait to see you there!

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