Get ahead with ResearchLab.

A Specialised Medical Research Training Program

ResearchLab equips junior doctors, medical students and allied health professionals with the necessary research skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the modern medical research environment.

Dr. Nitesh Nerlekar

Dr. Rahul Muthalaly

Our team consists of academically focused physicians with a long-history of achievement in clinical and academic medicine. Between our team we have over 100 scientific publications, 800+ citations and have won several research prizes, scholarships and national grants.


Why ResearchLab


ResearchLab courses are designed to provide you with the skills to get your start in medical research and guide you towards publishing your work in a peer reviewed journal.

You will learn everything from:

  •   How to select the right supervisor and a successful project
  •   Balancing research and clinical work
  •   Navigating ethics submissions  
  •   How to write a manuscript – from introduction to conclusion



"I initially found research daunting. However, the course helped me determine the right clinical questions, how to answer it and then how to present our findings. This course provides a unique opportunity to gain practical insight and research skills from those at the coalface.
-Dr. Francis Ha, Winner 2017 - Stephen Holdsworth Prize for Medical Student Research.


"Attending this course is an opportunity not to be missed by any junior doctor or medical student interested in medical research and those wanting to advance their career."
-Dr. Udit Thakur