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Medic Guild is collaborative by nature, we want to collate and curate the best resources and content to enhance your medical journey and practice.

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An Interactive OSCE Toolkit Revolutionising Medical Education

Oscer is a new interactive platform that gives you a wide breadth of cases to practice your OSCEs, all scaled according to their level of difficulty. Chat to your patient in real time, learn the questions to ask and the answers to look for.


Go beyond medical lectures. Learn by Osmosis to become a better clinician

Osmosis provides comprehensive resources and learning tools for medical students. Specializing in engaging video animations, Osmosis is able to go where few dry lectures can, to help you fully grasp complex medical concepts and processes.

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Whether it’s providing relevant and engaging content, resources or courses, MedicGuild demystifies the medical journey and provides healthcare professionals with the skills, networks and tools they need to thrive in a complex and competitive medical environment.
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