‘If We Don’t Think Globally We Will Fail’ – Vaccine Inequity and the Legacy of Australia’s Response to the Covid Crisis in India


Released July 15, 2021

When Dr Neela Janakiramanan first heard about the Covid crisis unfolding in India, it wasn’t necessarily the crisis itself that surprised her— she’d seen covid spikes in other parts of the world with unvaccinated populations— what was different, was Australia’s response. Dr Janakiramanan speaks with MedicGuild’s Nanditha Hareesh about the legacy of Australia’s response to the crisis in India and its impact on global vaccine equity and migrant rights.

If we don't vaccinate everyone on the planet, then we will get additional variants and we will get outbreaks such as this. It's a false economy to just protect ourselves.  - Dr Neela Janakiramanan