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How to Make a Phone Referral

How to Make a Phone Referral

So your registrar or resident on hospital placement has asked you to make a referral for one of your patients. What do you do next? Before you hit the panic button, know that the art of making referrals is one that takes practice and patience. They’re also fantastic...

What Makes A Good Medical Student?

What Makes A Good Medical Student?

Dr Maithri Goonetilleke is an Australian medical doctor and associate professor in global health, with extensive teaching experience in public health across undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs. Dr Goonetilleke shares his advice for aspiring medical...

Why Are Registrars So Mean?

Why Are Registrars So Mean?

As someone who's been on both sides of the reg line an unaccredited surgical registrar gives an insight into what to do when you cop those blunt or harsh comments as a junior doctor and how we can work together more harmoniously and effectively. Time and again I hear...

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