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Know Thyself: The Role of Palliative Care

Know Thyself: The Role of Palliative Care

Palliative care is an underrated specialty, probably because it’s not as ‘sexy’ as cardiology or neurosurgery. Still, it can profoundly change the lives of patients and their families.  Founded as a speciality in the 1960s by Cicely Saunders, the word ‘palliative’...

Sex (ed), Drag and Rooibos

Sex (ed), Drag and Rooibos

TeaBrief Podcast Season 2 Episode 3. To never miss an episode - Subscribe and follow wherever you get your podcasts. Dating is a minefield, let alone dating in med. Today's guest, a med student, drag queen and aspiring GP, with a passion for sexual health offers some...

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