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Med School Exam Survival Kit

Med School Exam Survival Kit

A third year med student with many an exam season under their belt, has come up with the best tips to survive and thrive through your exam period! Special thanks to Noa Kolkovski and Dr Olivia Baenziger for the illustrations.Medicine has an overwhelming amount of...

Under Pressure 🎵- TeaBrief Podcast EP 8

Under Pressure 🎵- TeaBrief Podcast EP 8

Like Freddie Mercury, we're feeling the pressure, and also feeling very, very tired. But does it have to be this way? Join Bells, Nikki and Noa as they wade through the pressures of med school life from taking on new research projects to extracurriculars as they...

How to Study From Clinical Cases

How to Study From Clinical Cases

Using a clinical case to study may seem like an antiquated and sometimes unnecessary task, given all the notes, guides, textbooks, question banks and databases that the modern medical student has access to on any device, at any time. I mean, why ride a horse when you...

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